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Arts & Markets

Bali: Hotbed for Arts, Crafts & Bountiful Produce

Performing Arts (Theater, Dance, Music)
Crafts (Wood & Stone Carving, Silver & Gold, Textiles & Weaving, Bamboo & Rattan)
Paintings (Traditional, Contemporary, Experimental)

Is Bali a shopper’s paradise? If you know where to go it can be. If you know how to negotiate, all the better. Bargaining is the norm in Bali, particularly for handicrafts, artwork and other souvenirs.

Ubud in the district of Gianyar is Bali’s artistic hub. And beyond the painted masks and shadow puppets that spill out of countless storefronts are a string of new galleries that offer one-of-a-kind treasures.

If you sift through the endless piles of tourist souvenirs, you can find extraordinary items that make perfect gifts…paintings, photograph and hand crafted souvenirs that turn heads. You can take packaged foods home from Bali, so look for things that will remind you of your trip, such as chilli sauce, coffee and candies.

The local fashion industry is diversified, and you can find beach gear, sports wear, batik sarongs, leather footwear, wooden shoes and fashion clothing for men and women.

Need any other reasons to shop on your trip? Didn’t think so.

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