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Get some brass! Add JuJu to your Life

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jUjU Art Jewelry produces high quality hand made jewelry using German brass, natural jade, reclaimed shell, recycled glass, gold and silver. This Rainbow Tourism Approved (RTA) business in Seminyak is unapolagetically different.

“We believe in handmade quality and delicious eccentricity – as our name suggests,” says John Anderson, founder, designer and co-owner. “Who cares if it doesn’t make sense. We certainly don’t!  A family-run business that believes in fair trade and sustainability, we spend our days around the communal table creating new jewelry designs and filling orders. It sounds ideal  because it is! We hate to brag, but we love what we do and it shows in our work.”

JuJu has a great collection of brass bangles, rings and pendants that range from funky to refined. Available in so many variations and styles, you will wish you had extra arms to wear them!

JuJu is the culmination of over 30 years of jewelry design, creation, and folk art experiences. John, an ex-pat from Montana in the US, says “We pride ourselves on our relationships with everyone involved with JUJU – from employees, to clients, to craftsmen. We firmly believe that equanimity in all that we do is just as responsible for our success as is the quality of our work. We have practiced Fair Trade principles long before they became fashionable. You can rest assured that the only JUJU at JUJU is good JUJU!”

JUJU Art Jewelry is the wholesale wing of the brick and mortar retail brands, Libido and Street Dogs, also located in Seinyak’s shopping district. (And sister company Folk Art Gallery is also RTA.)

In appropriate Bali style, Libido is brassy, classy, and bold in design. John states, “Gina Lollobrigida was my muse for this line…” Libido jewelry is considered “upper class, affordable eclectic” and is suited to anyone looking to make a statement, with elegance and class.
Street Dogs is more of a walk on the wild side, with a magical feel inspired by ancient tribal cultures found in and around our beautiful planet. Street Dogs maintains the standards of quality all of our jewelry conforms to, while defying convention and exploring human desires that go well beyond the ordinary.

Get some brass! Add JuJu to your Life.

The Spirit of Art

Deep in the Indonesia archipelago is a place like nowhere else in the world, the mystical and magical island of Bali. Unlike the rest of the Indonesian islands, on Bali the majority of the people follow a blend of Hinduism, Buddhism and ancestral worship. They believe in maintaining a balance of good and evil – a struggle to maintain harmony. It is this struggle that drives the Balinese to perform countless ceremonies and rituals, and to create art as offerings to their gods and ancestors.
john p anderson

The artistic spirit of the people of Bali is a celebration of life and the gifts the island has to offer all that visit her. Its this artistic spirit that brought Montana native John Anderson to Bali more than 20 years ago. Charmed by the beauty of the island and her people, John chose to stay, and worked hard to build a dream.


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