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Bali’s Cultural “melting pot” Experience

The InterNations networking group in Bali is very active, offering many discovery trips for ex-pats who live and work there. Visitors are also welcome, if you come with a member or join up for free as a “global citizen.”

Coming up is an InterNations Discovery tour that includes the dazzling show, Devdan, and the Museum Pasifika in Nusa Dua.

Nusa Dua Museum_Devdan Performance

The Discovery”

Devdan is a mega production with high-energy visual tour of Indonesia’s culture and diversity featuring a fusion of traditional with modern contemporary dance, world-class life aerial acrobatics attractions, dazzling costumes and brilliantly crafted hi-tech special effects.

During 90 minutes, the audience is taken on a magical whirlwind tour of the Indonesian Archipelago, focusing on the diversity of cultures across Indonesia, from Bali to Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Papua with an extensive array of special effects, acrobatics and traditional dance.

Feel your heart beat with excitement as you encounter gigantic traditional puppets and an enchanted weaving hut with magnificent and superb illusions. Explore the genuine heritage and beauty of Indonesia with the show’s contemporary songs and dances, accented by dramatic and thrilling action.

The Trip”

Start at Museum Pasifika in Nusa Dua, the home of an extensive collection of selected artworks – with over 600 works on display. Its mission is to preserve and showcase the diverse and multifaceted traditions of its people. Also, to put these side-by-side with significant oeuvres from the 20th century which communicate not only the perceptions of foreign artists travelling to this area of the world, but also the cultural “melting pot” originating from such exchanges.

It’s a world-class institution with an ever-growing collection of formidable standards. Each of the 11 pavilions is represented: Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Indo-European, Indochina, Polynesian, Pacific, Tapa and Asian, with engaging and insightful articles by some of the world’s leading art experts, a tribute to the artistic and cultural heritage of the fascinating and complex region.

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