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Bali Revealed…One Meal at a Time

Good Eating in Bali.  Selamat makan!

When you travel to Bali, there’s a ton of exploring to do and myriad colourful landscapes to enjoy, both of which will make you work up an appetite. Fortunately, Bali has a reputation for fine and diverse culinary experiences – with meals that are a little spicy but very affordable and appetising.

From gourmet fare to local organic produce dishes and raw food masterpieces, there’s plenty to please the five senses. Little warungs where the locals eat are a solid choice for authentic flavours of the Spice Island. There, finger food that is cheap as chips.  (There is also street food – cheap from a cart – but it’s your belly. If not travelling with preventative pills, it is wise to avoid. Except for the grilled corn on the cob for a buck that is ubiquitous at most beaches and village markets.)

A worldwide cuisine awaits those who want it, but when in Rome, why not eat what the Romans eat? The local cuisine choices range from the traditional satay to the ever so delicious duck dishes. And white, brown and red rice, of course.

Traditional tastes that will charm all your senses

You will definitely be confused by the numerous culinary choices in Bali; here are a few things you should definitely try.

1. Jus Alpukat – traditional savory Indonesian style avocado shake with ice and chocolate
2. Gado – Gado – a vegetable salad with a heavenly tasting peanut dressing
3. Bebek Betutu – juicy roast duck dish done in banana leafs (this food is considered a ceremonial dish in Bali, so you must try it!)
4. Babi Guling – roast pork (the whole pig)
5. Nasi Goreng – fried rice with chili and tamarind
6. Pisang Goreng – delicious fried bananas seasoned with cinnamon

It doesn’t matter if your on a budget or luxury holiday, in Bali you can be sure that you are going to eat well. The Rainbow Rambler’s recommendations for gay grazing include gay-owned and friendly establishments.

1. Oma’s Kitchen in Seminyak – local warung with recreations of Grandma’s secret recipes.
2. Warung Mendez in Ubud – duck to die for and Jakarta spiced dishes.
3. Round Bar Cafe in Ubud – Rainbow Sangria, gourmet pizza and breakfast too.
4. Biku Restaurant in Seminyak – blends together a tea lounge, restaurant, bakery and book store; top rated by locals for food and occasional live musi, opoosite the ever-so-hip Potatohead Beach Club which is tops at the moment with tourist trendsetters.
5. La Luciola Restaurant in Kerobokan – perfect sanctuary for cuisine and observing the sunset with stylish drinks that won’t break the bank like others on the waterfront.

There are hundreds of great eating places around Bali – more than those in the popular and spendy tourist meccas – from top (in Lovina) to bottom (Jimbaran), from east (Candidasa) to west (National Park), and in between (in Ubud). The Rainbow Rambler is tasting her way around the island; stay tuned for wine and food reviews of restaurants and bars that serve more than Bintang coming as time – and waistline – permit.

Oma Thia’s Kitchen
Round Bar Cafe
Warung Mendez
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