Gay and Lesbian Travel in Bali

Sugar ‘n Spice and Tastes of Bali ‘n Java

Gay Grazing writer Dee Farrell lives in Ubud and is expanding the list of gay owned and operated hotels and restaurants around town for Rainbow Tourism Bali.

Warung Mendez Ubud

Locals savour this cosy cafe.

Locals and tourists make their way to this little cafe with 6 tables and two couch clusters for cheap drinks, free wifi hotspot, and all things sugar ‘n spice.

Warung Mendez is a 15 minute stroll from town, a few paces up the hill behind Blanco Museum.  Just follow the locals or your nose to one of the best-value meals in Ubud.

The tiny kitchen and BBQ grill produce big-flavoured food with Bali and Java spices. The warung (means small restaurant) boasts a big following for its duck and goat leg dishes – both cooked in a secret Javanese spice paste then grilled to perfection.

Gay and lesbian business owners and ex-pat retirees hang out here on “Thirsty Thursdays”  and warmly welcome visitors to their “family” table.  With affable Chef Mendez on hand, no one is a stranger for long. He isn’t nicknamed Sugar N Spice for nothing.

Sampled and savoured, here are my recommendations:

Papaya Salad
Mixed greens, fresh, local papaya, snake bean, tomato and roasted peanuts, with sweet n sour Thai dressing.

Free range duck cooked in secret javanese spice paste then grilled to perfection. Served with rice, salad and triad of chili sambals!

Goat Leg
Leg of goat cooked with ginger, clove, cinnamon and local herb then grilled to perfection, served with rice, ginger sauce, salad and three chili sauces. Hot!

Lumpia Basah (Spring Rolls a la Mendez)
Homemade crepes stuffed with cabbage, bean sprout, green shallots and chicken minced with fresh basil.

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