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Life in Ubud Focused on Recharging Body, Mind & Spirit

Ubud’s famous healing energy has been known since the days of the sages.  In fact, the very name derives from the word “Ubad” or “medicine” and referringto the healing herbs that grow wild around the rivers and forest.

In earlier times, people used these herbs to stay healthy, with never a need to visit a doctor. Now the energy is palpable as people gravitate to this little town in the heart of Bali.  Today, travellers come here to see the doctor.

They come seeking to heal, change their lives, break from routine, or just bathe in the energy that emanates from the very soil.  The type of western medicine and alternative medicine practitioners is astounding, and the facilities world class. Everything from a world-famous midwife’s birthing centre for new Mums to a salon for pumping air into your bloodstream.

On any given day every nationality and accent can be heard in the organic health food stores, juice bars, vegan cafes, and spas.  Every type of treatment can be had in Ubud, from the unusual to the unique.

Holistic Yoga Retreat in Ubud

Ubud is not known as a place to refresh, rejuvenate and restore for nothing.  No wonder so many visitors enjoy relaxing, eating, praying, loving and staying in this energized place.

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