Gay and Lesbian Travel in Bali

Body, Mind & Spirit: The Fit & Healthy Escape

With many spas and specialised treatments, Bali has become known as a wellness destination. You can enjoy relaxing massages and experience Balinese treatments everywhere on the island – at your resort, in a spa or at the beach.

Wellness is much more than going to a spa on vacation. If you’re the type of traveler who seeks unique, authentic and location-based experiences not available at home, you will rest in peace in Bali.

More than just a dream location, the island of Bali proffers the key elements for a complete state of wellbeing: Water-Air-Fire-Earth-Light. The Balinese have developed packages to improve your quality of life and to guide you through a lifestyle-change, not just treatments for pure relaxation and stress relief.

These type of packaged programs are undertaken by people who travel to pursue activities that maintain and enhance their personal health and well-being.

According to 4 Wellness Travel, their customised Bali Wellness Packages include innovative treatments and healthy activities at world-class spas and retreats – even gay weddings and receptions. “The ingredients are authentic, holistic, preventative and cure treatments, mixed with local adventures and culinary activities, resulting in a fit and healthy state of wellbeing,” says founder Ria Duykers. “We will work on your body, mind and spirit by incorporating Balinese Massage and other appropriate treatments with work and life balance sessions.”

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