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Bali Has Temples for All Occasions

Bali’s Hindu culture and history is both extraordinary and unique. Many visitors get so wrapped up in shopping, partying and beach life as to miss the opportunity to understand at least some of this.

You cannot fail to see temples, come across ceremonies and witness daily offerings – and those who make the effort to absorb what is going on around them will find their visit very rewarding.

In the “land of a thousand islands”, there are royal temples you can climb like Durga Kurti, large ones like Besakih, and healing temples, steeped in Balinese traditions of well being.

Tanah Lot is one of the important directional temples. The temple is located on a rock just offshore – dramatic by day or at sunset. It is said to be the work of revered 15th century Hindu priest Nirartha and forms an important element of Balinese spirtualism and mythology.

This is an extremely popular tourist destination and the whole area is often very busy especially in the late afternoons pre-sunset. The area between the car park and the beach adjacent to the temple is a maze of souvenir shops selling just about every Balinese trinket imaginable.

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